Cyber Essentials is a HM government scheme, it is tailored and designed for all businesses large or small, covering all sectors.

Its helps businesses to be more aware of the cyber threats they may face, and helps with good practice in protecting any potential confidential data they may hold, on clients, suppliers or employees.

If you are a business that tenders and works for, with, or even supply the central government, this accreditation is mandatory for all contracts advertised after 1st October 2014

It should also be looked upon by businesses that store or deal with confidential data, as the risk of potential fines for data breaches, as seen in the news in recent cases, is astronomical, from £70,000 + for just one breach.

The impact it could have on you as a business, is not only financial, it can be reputable. The credibility of your business could be lost, resulting in loss of business and limited success of gaining new customers, if it is known you have previously suffered a breach.

Whether its rival companies, other countries or your actual employees, YOUR confidential data is valuable to someone.

Cyber Essentias covers 5 Key Areas where data breaches can happen.

The scheme has two tiers: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS

Cyber Essentials is a quick self assessment audited by an accredited body.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a much more intensive process taking, where all your systems will be stressed and tested in various ways, to identify any potential areas that need work

Take a Look at the downloadable links below for further Information on the Scheme.

Cyber Essentials Scheme Summary


Cyber Essentials Framework