Crystal IT baseline protection uses methodology to identify and implement computer security measures in your company. The aim is the achievement of an adequate and appropriate level of security for IT systems. To reach this goal Crystal IT recommends “well-proven technical, organisational, personnel, and infrastructural safeguards”. This shows our systematic approach to securing your IT systems.

Patch Management and Software Updates.

Computer equipment and software need regular maintenance. Crystal IT can keep your company running smoothly and are able to fix any security vulnerabilities, anti-virus and anti-malware requires regular updates in order to continue to provide adequate protection. Crystal IT can manage software that will require setting updates automatically. If your system is a few years old, you should review the protection you have in place to make sure that it is still adequate.

Keeping your IT systems safe and secure can be a complex task and does require time, resource and Crystal IT specialist knowledge. If you have personal data within your IT system you need to recognise that it may be at risk and take appropriate technical measures to secure it. Crystal IT will put appropriate measures in place that fits the needs of your business. They don’t necessarily  have to be expensive or onerous. They may even be free or already available within the IT systems you currently have.

Insider Cyber hack threats are a major security problem. For years, the primary security objective has been to protect the perimeter, the focus on keeping outsiders from gaining access and doing harm. But statistics prove that more risk exists within an organisation.

Crystal IT understands that business continuity is key, therefore we will advise you to the best options and support your company through any issues.

  • Protect your Network.
  • Teach Good Practice.
  • Manage IT Access.
  • Keep your own IT up to date.
  • Removable Media.
  • Mobile Working.
  • Use Anti Malware Defences.
  • Understand Your Risk.
  • Monitoring.
  • Incident Management and Business Continuity.