Advantages of Outsourcing — Crystal IT Services Ltd.

Improving business operations through the outsourcing of daily IT management has been proven to be a cost effective alternative to having a full-time IT department on site. Outsourcing is a great strategy for businesses who do not have sufficient time or manpower to dedicate in depth efforts to deal with network repairs, updates and maintenance, allowing them to confidential rely on their computer network for the smooth running of their business processes.

Businesses who want to outsource their IT function and pay a fixed monthly fee for their computer network environment to be looked after, turn to Crystal IT. We provide a wide range of services such as data security, cyber security, backup and disaster recovery, cloud services and ongoing IT support for all our clients.

“One of the added advantages of outsourcing your IT network support to Crystal IT, is our dedication to constantly exploring ways in which we can utilise new technologies to provide continuous improvement to our clients”. 

The biggest advantage to working with Crystal IT is our ability to converge all your technology services into a single provision. i.e.  telecoms, IP telephony, internet connections, infrastructure, networking, complexities that come with cyber security, support and cloud services under a single provision.

As with other parts of your business, your IT infrastructure is faced with certain risks; Crystal IT manages the majority of these risks by putting our industry specific knowledge to use when dealing with compliance and security concerns.

Partnering with Crystal IT means you have a team of qualified experts at your disposal with an insight to industry leading technology, ensuring that the core components of your IT network are supported and proactively maintained. We also ensure that any updates to you IT network components are then fully supported by detailed procedures and policy paperwork prepared by our dedicated team.